Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Marketing Value of the Laptop Fingerprint Reader

I love that my laptop has a fingerprint reader.  It doesn't make my computer any more secure (there is still the option to use a password, and I have to keep it something that I can remember because I use it for other enterprise-wide systems like email), nor does it save me time (the password login option loads before the fingerprint option), or even help me remember additional passwords (the current software only supports login to Windows; it doesn't not allow login to websites or third-party applications).  But it is cool, and swiping my finger makes me feel a lot more high-tech than entering a password.  Heck, even just having the fingerprint reader there is cool.  Even if I never use it it's already bumped up my perception of the laptop a notch.  Which I suspect is real reason laptop makers include fingerprint readers in the first place.

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