Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Notes on the August New York Tech Meetup (#NYTM)

I finally got to go to the NYTM yesterday, for the first time since December.  I can't quite remember the format from last time, but I really liked this one: domes were done in groups of three, making it easier to remember your questions; big companies were allowed to present their tech innovations (although the focus remained on startups, as it should); the event featured a really fun hack demo of a web-controlled helicopter (that was not allowed to go higher than 10 feet to avoid setting off the sprinkler systems, which apparently cannot differentiate helicopters from fires); and the happy hour was held in a hall on site, which allowed presenting companies to set up "booths" for interested members of the public, and avoided the loss of people that shifting venues inevitably entails.  

Here are my notes on the presenters, taking in real time on my dinky little QuickOffice app on my Android phone.  Audience questions were jotted down and have the presenters answers in the same bullet point, following the end of the question.  I may edit and/or add more thoughts later if I have time:

- pulls in your interests through your Facebook profile and manual entry, and creates a tailored list of events for you in your city

- founder is a beer nut

- a product of Qlabs prodcut; an AOL Ventures portfolio company (not a part of AOL, as the MC mistakenly said)



- dashboard of your web behavior

- recommendation feed and an anti-you recommendation feed

- all behavior based, no social graph



- heat map of stock market

- largest cos in the center, other cos spiral out

- looking to do more data visualizations in the future

- is it just like the WSJ app?



- personalized feed of deals/recommendation

- gives rewards for participation

- has a self-service merchant campaign management tool

- how compare to Groupon on merchant side? no daily deals. attracts different type of merchant. primarily for services



- mobile photo-sharing of things in the real world that you want

- validated concept by scraping twitter - found 93M tweets over 2-3 months w/ "i want"

- can follow places, topics, venues

- "also want" button - creates "most wanted" list

- want list, i.e. a registry

- semantic engine for categorizing wants from text descriptions

- location-based wants

- like for social data

- you miss most of the data in your social streams

- avg user has 400-500 links per day go through stream

- potentially missed - shows what "quiet" people are sharing

- recommendations - based on relevancy not popularity

- media - photos & videos from your stream

- collection summary - sent via daily email

- in open beta



- location-driven peer-to-peer marketplace 

- lets buyer specify price and time w/in which you need it

- seller must say why you should buy from them

- every male under 35 asks for it, but anything related to sex or drugs is blocked algorithmicly

- students are getting up every day to see what they can do on Zaarly instead of getting a college job

- how do you verify service is delivered/paid for?  we've found that the more local, community-based you make a service the less likely people are or can screw you for.  transaction is anonymous - until you meet the person.  buyer-driven commerce - you only get paid after you deliver.  also building a trust system

- how different from an airbnb or a taskrabbit?  different fulfiller profile. buyer driven vs seller driven



- allows one presenter (pilot) to a roomful of other users on their iPads (passengers)

- creates a passenger list w/ LinkedIn integration. lets you connect directly through application - no biz cards necessary! also a cheat sheet of who's there

- pilot can lock or unlock the movement of the presentation

- pilot can leave a copy behind

- part of Conde Nast

- how did you do this inside of a big co? small team w/ diverse skillset. focused on doing one thing well. empowerd to act


110 Stories

- not a startup but an interactive tribute to the Twin Towers, planned to launch just before the 10th anniversary of 9/11

- augemented reality - if you're w/in the 59 mile visual horizon for seeing the tower, orients you towards the towards placing the twin towers into the skyline of your camera viewfinder - rendered in pencil, so it's more art than putting them back in the skyline

- you take the pic, it makes you tell a story about your connection to the towers or why you used the app and took the picture

- lets you kick it out to FB, Twitter, G+

- will have an android version by 9/11, courtesy of an unnamed benefactor

- how do you deal w/ occlusion? future version may allow editing. rendering comes down and disappears at 50%, so that you feel the integration w/ the skyline.  only a big issue if you're right in front of a building

- Created by @bryanaugust

- tech guy (didn't get his name) - this is bleeding edge technology, there isnt an ar app that places a building anywhere

- possible the only time I've ever seen a NYTM make anyone cry





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