Monday, December 5, 2011

Henry Blodget is Conflicted out the Wazoo.

This disclosure comes from Blodget's article on the Silver Lake - Andreesen Bid for Yahoo. And it's awesome.
DISCLOSURE: I work for Yahoo (as a host of Yahoo Finance). I am a Yahoo shareholder (since 1998--oof). I know tons of people at Yahoo and on Yahoo's board. I know lots of Yahoo investors, many of whom I like personally. I know Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, and many of the other players in this drama, and I like them personally. Marc's an investor in Business Insider, which I greatly appreciate. Yahoo and Business Insider have a syndication partnership, which I am thrilled about. Yahoo's bankers, Allen & Co, are investors in Business Insider, and I like them personally and don't like to do things that make them not like me. I have relationships with dozens of other folks that might create conflicts of one sort or another when I write about this topic. So, basically, I'm conflicted out the wazoo.

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